Subs for 2023

The subscription for 2023 will be £ 33 for all members including Indoor and Diocesan.

Office opening

With effect from when it reopens after the break on September 6th the office will be open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10 am to 1 pm.

Latest forms

Order forms for Diaries and Christmas cards can be found under Resources/ Forms.

This year's Wave of Prayer service and rota can be found under Resources/ Wave of Prayer.

Knitting for Premature Babies

World Premature Baby Day is on 17th November and we have been asked to knit 40 cardigans and hats in purple in sizes 1 and 2 before then. There is a new suitable pattern on the Resources page. Anyone wishing to help should contact Dorothy Marshall via the office.


Lady Day service

A service was held in the Lady Chapel of Gloucester Cathedral on 25th March. During the service Revd. Liz Palin was commissioned as our Chaplain.


Doreen McLellan was also commissioned as our DIocesan President. The retiring President presented her with the President's broach.


Trustees were also commissioned and a photo taken of all.


Members from across the Diocese supported them by attending the service which was appreciated by everyone.


Members day

Members day held on 23rd February saw members engrossed in a quiz as unfortunately the planned speaker had to cancel at the last minute.

Diocesan President

Doreen McLellan was elected at the AGM as the new President for the triennial 2022-2024

Kate Thompson and Olga Gibbons will continue to serve as Vice Presidents.



At the Forum meeting on 6th December our retiring President, Kay Hensley, was presented with gifts including a bird feeder and flowers.

New Chaplain

Rev Liz Palin has been appointed as our new chaplain.


New trustees are Ruth Creighton, Becky Phillips, Brenda Davitt and Daphne Ellis. Kay Hensley will also serve as a trustee.

Office hours

The office will now be open Tuesdays 10 - 3, Fridays 10 - 2. Term time plus half term.


Local Activism

Bishop Rachel joined President Kay and other members outside the Cathedral on 27th November 2021 in suport of action against gender based violence

Subs for 2022

A bi-yearly magazine is included in the subscription.

Subs for 2022 have been agreed by the Trustees based on information from Mary Sumner House. This includes Roundabout.

We are a subscription based mission society because we have a structure to maintain which sustains the projects we run. Without subscriptions, so much of which we are proud to own would not exist.

Each subscriber member helps to support Mothers' Union; each member is valued for their prayers, their practical and financial support.

Gift Aid

Please remember that if you pay tax you can Gift Aid your subscription, please download a form, ask your Branch Treasurer or ring the MU Office on 01452 528621.

A Gift Aid form is available to download from the Resources page. This includes future donations as well as the current year.

Diocesan Members

The apllication/renewal form for those who wish to be Diocesan members can be downloaded from the resources page

Meetings in 2021

2021 Festival Service and AFIA Big Day have been cancelled, as has the Belfast general meeting.

Wave of Prayer

September 3rd - 5th. The timetable and service for this are the same as last year. Details can be found under Prayer and Resources. Consider using Zoom if you are unable to meet.

AFIA day raffle

Three members of the Trustee board, including Kay, met in the office to draw the Raffle on Saturday 18th 2020. Due to your generosity we were able to draw for 18 prizes. Congratulations to all who won something. Maggie and Kate are beginning to arrange holidays again.

Midday Prayers

All are welcome to join Midday Prayers live on Mothers' Union Facebook page at 12:00 noon daily. They can be watched later as well.

Theme resources 2021

Useful resources relating to 2021 year's theme of "Building hope and confidence" can now be downloaded from the Resources page.

Fundraising for AFIA

Helen King's fundraising rowing challenge has raised £ 1,210 for AFIA. Thank you to Helen and to all who supported her.

Shopping online

When shopping online, you can raise much needed funds for us at no extra cost to you by using Easyfundraising or Amazon smile. Instructions for how to do this are here .

Craft ideas

Two new patterns have been added to Resources. These are for making Twiddle-muffs and End of Life Property Pouches. The latter can be delivered to the office.


There are now a few posters about Mothers' Union on the Resources page which can be downloaded.

Craft Projects

Patterns are on the Resources page for the different craft projects that we support; the Cross-in-your-pocket for use in prisons and baby blankets for HOPE. Finished items can be sent to the MU office.


See the Resources page for documents from the Office which you can download, including the Wave of Prayer timetable.