Rainbow Prayer Day

This day of prayer is part of the 16 days of activism against gender based violence and centred on praying for situations around the world.

Information and resources for running a Rainbow Prayer Day have been prepared and can be requested from the Gloucester MU office or downloaded here.

Introductory information     01 Suggestions for use. .


The seven colours of the rainbow are allocated to seven areas of violence or abuse.

Red - Rape victims     02 Red resources.

Orange - On-line abuse and grooming     03 Orange resources.

Yellow - Young people and Peer Pressure     04 Yellow sheet A.

Young People and peer pressure resources     04 Yellow B - E resources.

Green - Girls in Nigeria / Genital mutilation     05 Green resources.

Blue - Behind closed Doors     06 Blue sheet A.

Behind closed doors resources     06 Blue B - D resources.

Indigo - Incest     07 Indigo sheet A.

Incest topic resources     07 Indigo B - C resources.

Violet - Violence Against Women & Girls     08 Violet resources.